**Campaign won 1st place in internship pitch competition at Publicis NY**

Give American diners a reason to care about Red Lobster again.

Account managers: Niki Warden (UofR '16), Ellen Granoff (GW '16)
Strategists: me and Kim Azugi (Syracuse '16)
UX Designer: Marga Javier
Art Director: Sinping Ku (SCAD)
Copywriter: Charlie Curnow (Brandcenter '16)

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Our target sees seafood as a special occasion dining option.

TARGET: "Adventurous Up & Comers" (AUCs) 24-34 years old with children, 35k - 80k household income, lives in suburban, urban or coastal areas, but not part of 3 big metros (NY, LA, Chicago). They are more grounded than their younger counterparts (18-24), and they indulge their adventurous spirits online and off. They are culinary adventurers and seekers, with 50% considering themselves home cook virtuosos, and 69% watching branded food content on YouTube. 



The Red Lobster trap is a cycle that AUCs are stuck in which prevents them from putting Red Lobster in their short list of restaurants. 

The fact that AUCs are open to trying seafood, and that they don't trust themselves to cook it at home are great factors for Red Lobster. But AUCs perceive quality seafood as expensive, and because they are the person in their social circle who gives recommendations to others about where to eat, their friends and family agree with their perception. 

Our goal is to snap the target to reconsider Red Lobster as an any day dining option instead of just for special occasions.

All Aboard Red Lobster = Reinforces the inviting nautical brand persona already portrayed by the brand.

Any day Adventure = emphasizes seafood as an exciting delight that can be enjoyed any day (versus only for special occasions which is the current perception) and taps into the Adventurous Up and Comers need to search for adventure in their daily lives as they age.


For our seafood fluency campaign we created different social media messages and digital experiences at key points of the restaurant consideration  journey in order to appeal to AUCs.

From the many tactics we pitched, my favorite is the Google Cardboard experience. 

In tandem with well-known promotions at Red Lobster, the Google Cardboard experience would allow diners to explore the underwater world of each location coordinated with the promotion. This tactic also provides the opportunity for the brand to promote their clean fishing practices which are unknown by many.