CLIENT BRIEF: Increase Maker's Mark's female audience in VA.

PROBLEM: Whiskey culture is inherently male, and therefore intimidating to women.

TARGET: The Modern Southern Belle; they have traditional values but a modern outlook in life. Ages 24-44, household income of $50,000+.

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE SOUTHERN: I've found that Virginians are very proud of their southern roots. They value hospitality, kindness, slight southern accents, and the traditional values associated with the south. These people are also proud of how far its southern culture has evolved, and the slower pace of life amicable to raising families.
A few interviewees quoted Zach Brown Band: "There's no dollar sign to the piece of mind that the south come to know." 
Many people I talked to also resented the fact that the "deep south" states don't consider VA southern, and many replied: "VA is the top of the south,"  VA is the modern south," and "it was once the heart of the confederacy so it doesn't get more southern than that." 

1) A women's choice to drink whiskey at a bar is a loaded one, but for men it is no big deal.
2) Women who hate whiskey wished they liked it because they see the extra attention women who do get from people around them. They respect these women, and find them cool, trendy and knowledgeable.
3) "Whiskey neutrals" enjoyed learning about the different pairings of whiskey (both in dessert and cocktails)

INSIGHT: Bourbon is to men what red wine is to women. But there's one thing wine can't do that bourbon does- it turns women into badasses. When people see a woman at the bar holding a whiskey drink, she is immediately perceived as a badass. But what makes them a badass isn't the drink they hold, it's their sass. 

STRATEGY: Maker's Mark: Sip on southern sass.

CAMPAIGN CONCEPT:  Cut Through B.S. with a Sip of Southern Sass

CAMPAIGN MANIFESTO:  What is Southern Sass?  
Southern Sass means not giving a damn what the guy at the other end of the room thinks of your peppered use of colorful language. It means you aren’t afraid to break up with your girlfriends over a heated dispute over the best T-Swift song and make up with them when “Blank Space” comes on a half hour later. Southern Sass means changing your own tire after getting your nails done just so you can give your boyfriend hell about it. Southern Sass is your hand on your hip and bourbon on your lips.

Maker’s Mark
A Sip of Southern Sass



Targeted Brand Posts (Facebook and Twitter)

Goal: To define "southern sass" and establish campaign hashtag.

Mobile App Update and Scanner Feature
To create a reason for people to routinely download Maker's Mark App.
Scanner Feature: The scanner will allow users to scan dessert or food menus; it recognizes keywords in the menu items, and gives the user a recommendation for what kind of whiskey drink to pair with the dessert or meal. See full app walk through below:

SUMMARY OF TACTICS: Appearance at VA This Morning cooking segment to promote bourbon and dessert pairings, secret message backdrop for events, secret message menu insert and decoding coaster, social media brand posts. 


Targeted Brand Posts (Facebook and Twitter)

Goal: To define "southern sass" and establish campaign hashtag.

Secret Message Backdrop: Undercover Badass
Create shareable content for social media during events.

Special thanks to first years Abby Walter (XD) and Tim Shumar (CW).
All research and strategy done by Luisa Contaifer independently.