ASSIGNMENT: Create the future of CNN.

TEAMMATES: Erik Osburn, Mario Bibian, Ryan Witcher, Grace Xie

PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: As cable news start to lose popularity due to Millennials and Gen X moving towards consuming news online, CNN needs to find a new cash cow until the digital news model proves to be profitable.

INSIGHT: It's hard to keep up with the build up of news. There is no tool out there to help people navigate through the many layers of stories reported.

TARGET:  Gen X game console owners. These people are tech-savvy and already pay for game console services. 

STRATEGY: Evolve the CNN experience from a cable newscast to a digital intelligence briefing.

STRATEGY EXPLAINED: An intelligence briefing provides depths of analysis and line of reference in a digestible way. 

CNN 360: Our brand extension leverages the opportunity to provide people with an interactive way to dig through the many layers of news story provided, and give people the access to deeper analysis of reported news by using game console technology,  360 camera feature, informational ticker, and social commentary.

When the person clicks start, they'll be able to select what kind of analysis they want from their anchor, allowing people to be exposed to top stories reported through different point of views. Next, they will be prompted to select what kind of story they want to watch. As they watch the story, the viewer can check social commentary of other people, and can find more information about references in the story through the informational ticker.