ASSIGNMENT: Create a mobile app using AT&T APIs .

TEAMMATES: Juliana Clark, Khuyen Le, Daren Lifferth.

PROCESS: The mobile app world is crowded, and we wanted to make something that people could use on a daily basis.

PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: Data plans are expensive and limiting. Consumers either get charged for going over their data plans, or are forced to leave their unused data, that has already been paid for, behind.

TARGET: "Data Thrifters" who are very conscious of their data use. When they approach their data limit, they usually turn off their data to avoid overcharges. We identified that there are 11 million data thrifters in the AT&T network.



SOLUTION: Create a data transfer network for AT&T customers where they can buy data, or sell their unused data to other AT&T customers. 

REASONS TO BELIEVE: It's a win-win situation for AT&T and Data Thrifters. AT&T establishes an extra revenue stream from transaction fees. Buyers control how much data they use, and the amount they pay for overages. Sellers get their money's worth by getting a deduction on their phone bill for data they didn't use. 


Divvy Financials:

PRICING: 40 cents per transaction plus price of data
                     250 MB = $2.50             500 MB = $5.00
                     750 MB = $7.50             1000 MB = $10.00
                     1250 MB = $12.50          1500 MB = $15.00
                     1750 MB = $17.50          2000 MB = $20.00    

BUDGET:  App development & Marketing budget = $4,065,350

ROI: $23.7 million (based on 5% of AT&Ts subscribers having 1 transaction per month)

BREAKEVEN POINT: 10,163,375 transactions