What is my ad dream?

As graduation approaches I'm reminded time and time again that I need to figure out a specific and short way to describe what my dream job is. After 12 years of interest and admiration for this industry, it's kind of surreal that I'm finally going to "follow my dream."

I remember when I was 12 years old, I started to comment on the quality of commercials, and how thought I could make better jingles than those on tv. 

I remember at 17, agonizing that my favorite college didn't have an advertising major, and that I had to get creative with my education in order to still get into the field.

I remember being a freshman in college and deciding on my major based on the hunch that by the time I graduated, print ads and commercials weren't going to be the cool thing anymore, but instead websites and social media. This hunch pushed me into avoiding a traditional marketing major, and getting me into the converged media track at the media arts and design department, which gave me all the "hard skills" that set me apart.

I remember when I did my first internship in a big-time NYC agency, and thought: "this is what I need my life to be like."

And that brings me to just a year and half ago, when I found myself in grad school, finally learning about the behind the scenes thinking that goes into all those jingles and commercials that will hopefully inspire the next generation of ad professionals. 

I know my dream has evolved as drastically as the ad industry itself. The fact that I soon will be living my dream, is terrifying and fascinating at the same time. 

From wanting to do what I now understand to be production, to wanting to be a designer, to then exploring account management and brand management, and then realizing that what I really am meant to be is a strategist at an agency with a strong digital focus, it's been an incredible journey. I have come to conclude that although my ad dream today is much different from 12 years ago, the path I'm in today is made possible because of the overall appreciation I have for every facet this industry.