The Harsh Reality Facing Indy Books

"Oh it'll be fun!"

That's what I thought when I started helping a local author promote his independently published book, Organs of Greed. Well, it's fun for sure, but most of all it's HARD. People are not as empathetic towards new authors as I would've hoped. In the publishing business, it's all about already being established, and few seem to want to take a chance on anybody or anything new. It's been extremely difficult to secure local distribution channels for this incredible novel. My author dreams of being on Barnes and Noble, and yet we struggle with getting him on the shelves of small local bookstores. How is anyone supposed to cut through the clutter without a fancy publishing deal?

I've also realized that no one teaches you how to get likes on a Facebook page "organically." How the heck am I supposed to motivate people to like my author's Facebook page? Granted I can get some sorority sisters, close friends and family to like the page...but they're not necessarily the target. How am I supposed to do a fun and innovative social media campaign for this book if it's not going to reach anyone outside my social circle?

And then there are the false leads of hope from people who say "Oh, that's great, I'd love to help you promote the book" but then you never hear from them again. Seriously, throughout this process I've been wondering if novel writing has simply become an expensive hobby. Does any one even care about books anymore?

Despite all of these hardships, I do love a challenge. And mark my words, when I'm done promoting this book, you'll be seeing it on the silver screen.




Intrigued? Check out the first 4 chapters free at

Intrigued? Check out the first 4 chapters free at