My pride and joy, Mr. Butters!

My pride and joy, Mr. Butters!

AT work I am:

  • The hardest worker: I'm my happiest self when I'm busy
  • A good listener: and an even better shoulder to cry on/ vent
  • At ease: I'm a tough nut to crack
  • Positive: good thoughts lead to good results
  • A leader by example, not by loudness

In my downtime i Enjoy:

  • Hanging out with my furry baby, Mr. Butters
  • Cooking: my favorite way to unwind from a long day. I partake in "stir-fridays" (do you get the reference?).
  • Wine collecting: it's a family hobby!
  • Yoga and pilates: a dancer's go-to workout (My younger self did  jazz and ballet for 13 years)
  • Drawing: more like doodling, but I make some pretty cute cartoon figures. It helps me think.
  • Traveling: 7 countries and counting!

3 things I want to be when I grow up:

  • A polygot (currently making plans to learn my 4th language, Spanish. I currently speak English (obvi), fluent Portuguese, conversational-level French!)
  • A better yogi (mark my words, I will master a headstand one day)
  • A published author (The next Dr. Seuss perhaps?)

Fun Facts about Mr. Butters:

  • Kale stems, carrots, and bully sticks are his favorite treats
  • He has a bow tie collection like a true southern gentleman
  • He prefers to socialize with humans
  • He has an Instagram! Follow him @Mr.Butters_the_beagle